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Welcome to Yoruba for Kidz!

Yoruba for Kidz is a leader in Yoruba Language resources for Kids!

We create fun language learning resources for Children ages 0-12.

Our Yoruba Language resources are designed to be age-appropriate, fun and engaging and come with easy to use materials for children. Join us as we share these fun tools for parents who would love to introduce their kids to the Yoruba Language.

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Ojo Ijapa Mura: Ojo Ijapa Gets Ready is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

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Our on-location Yoruba Language Camps are designed to encourage heritage identity in a safe and inclusive environment. We use non-traditional teaching styles to captivate and encourage your child’s interest causing him or her to learn the language in a natural and seamless way. Participants learn language through activities related to the language and its culture using art, music, fun activities, and interactive role playing. Our Camps for Children are offered in Houston, TX for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years.


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