Yoruba for Preschoolers


Yoruba for Preschoolers is the perfect way for your kids to start learning Yoruba Language and interacting with other kids too!

This camps is for Ages 3 – 5 years.

At this age, children typically learn a second language the same way they learn a first language. They may understand more than they speak, and that’s OK!

Studies have shown that children who learn a language before the onset of adolescence are much more likely to have native-like pronunciation. You don’t need to wait until your children are older let’s get them started TODAY!

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We keep our activities short. We use repetition and simple role-play to keep them engaged and  learning in context!We  love to give our kids full attention and plenty of practice time, so space is limited!

We know how active our preschoolers are, we require parents to be present during the entire class session to provide guidance to the kids.



  • This was a great class. My son learned a lot in a few weeks. Keep this up team. We plan to sign up for the next level.

    Dedun, Mum of Camper
  • The camp is very motivational, my children always remind me themselves, when is meeting time. So, I can tell the motivation is high.

    Adeola, Mum of Camper
  • This is a great camp for students that want to learn Yoruba as a second language. Ms. Tiwa and Mr. Matthew are doing a great job for our students. Keep up the good work! Mariam

    Mariam, Mum of Camper
  • The camp has helped me with teaching my children the language. It provided a starting point which I could never have figured out on my own. My children look forward to the classes each week.

    Olubusola, Mum of Camper

Our Camps

Revitalizing Yoruba Language for the next generation!

We are glad that you have taken this important step for you and your child, to join us in this Yoruba Language Immersion camp.

Language immersion is when language is learned through natural communication. Participants learn language through activities related to the language and its culture – like art and music. This program will focus on learning through listening, speaking, interacting and doing fun activities using the Listen Absorb, Speak approach.

The camp is not intended to duplicate a formal educational facility. There will be less emphasis on common teaching techniques like vocabulary memorization. The aim is to have a FUN learning environment with natural absorption of information through activities.

We encourage our parents to be an active part of our community. Parents should look for natural opportunities to encourage use of the language while performing relevant daily activities. Learners need to hear words and phrases practiced in camp as many times as they can outside of camp. Commitment, repetition and encouragement are the keys to success.

We are excited to have an opportunity to revitalize the Yoruba language in the next generations and prevent it from being lost for many generations to come.

“Immersion is intended to be a fun, interactive program that encourages and supports language learning through Elders modeling best practice methodologies”
– Anonymous